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Rivendell the realm of ice

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 Moonlit walk

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PostSubject: Moonlit walk   Moonlit walk Icon_minitimeWed Aug 31, 2011 2:02 pm

The moon shone brightly, lighting up the gardens as bright as the stars in the sky. A small, slender sillouhette enters the garden in a slow and steady gait. Stepping out into the moonlight, among the gilttery floor of fallen stars, Silver's long flowing silver hair flew about her face freely as the wind blew through it. Her lavendar eyes twinkled softly and she just walked around the garden, admiring the twinkling of the stones from the moonlight. The flowers in full bloom at this midnght hour make her lose her breath. She stepped into the moon's rays, drinking its seemingly cool warmth over her fair skin, closing her eyes. The billowy sleeves of her white silken shirt looked as if she had wings, the leather corset over that, her slender figure kept with the finest of velvet and leather. The rose tattoo on the back of her neck was only a glimpse in the moonlight as the wind blew through her hair. The thoghts that ran through her head were smooth as the babbling brook, and then silenced as she took a spot for a rest on the marble bench that sat in the center of the garden. She smiled as she looked around and admired the works of the queen's own imagination and hoped to see her once more. She reached into the pouch that is laced into her leather belt and pulled out a small instrument that she assembled and raised to her lips. She blew into it and began to fill the air with song.
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Moonlit walk
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