Rivendell the realm of ice
Rivendell the realm of ice
Rivendell the realm of ice
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Rivendell the realm of ice

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 Ace... The Lycan

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PostSubject: Ace... The Lycan   Ace... The Lycan Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 1:28 am

Ace arrived in the slums of the city, hands in pockets and walking slowly towards the center of the city. Peacefully, he gazed up and down the city streets, looking at what lifeforms were taking refuge in these parts. Most of the men he made eye contact with were all rough looking characters. Many of them had long scraggly beards, while others were covered in what seemed to be year old dirt. Lots of men were seen in the ally ways camped out in anything to shelter them from the harsh cold. Barrels with fire also filled the air with smoke and burnt wood. The ally ways were for the most part fairly narrow and it was for sure that eyes would be peering back at you as you walked past. Ace continued down the main path towards the gigantic palace in the middle of the city.

As he grew closer however, it seemed the atmosphere and overall light grew more dim. Instantly Ace's nose picked up the scent of something unfamiliar, and fairly dangerous. The sound of foot steps now flooded the quiet streets. It seemed that the beggars and bums began to back away into their respective hiding spots as the footsteps grew louder and louder and began to echo louder and louder. Ace turned around as the scent became clear that whoever was following him, was behind him. He turned his back to see 3 men with fairly blank faces staring at him. These men were dressed in dark colored outfits and wore darker colored sunglasses. Their breathes filled the air with steam as they stood steadfast. The man on the right side of the middle man stepped forward and began by politely asking:

"Who are you stranger... and what brings you to this side of the city?"

Ace, sensing the ominous power of the three men politely responded back:

"I am Ace, from a far away place that you have never heard of. I seek out the person who rules this city"

After hearing Ace's words, the three men looked at each other and a small snicker appeared over their faces. The man on the left of the middle guy then stepped forward and began to speak:

"Well ACE! You surely did come to the right place. Shall we escort you directly to the palace?"

Ace's mind relaxed as he now felt as though he were getting things accomplished now that these men had offered him the opportunity to be escorted directly to the castle. Ace responded:

"Yes. That would be most appreciated. I think I may know the ruler of these lands and I would be in your debt if you could just escort me directly to whoever your leader is."

The men, turned their heads' sideways and then started to laugh in an uncontrollable way. When they were done and the laughing turned back into snickering, the middle man walked directly up to Ace and stopped before him. The middle man was smaller than the other two and he stood like rock before Ace. Ace looked directly at the man and wondered what he had in mind as far as an escort, and why they laughed at him. He soon got his answer as the middle man opened his mouth:

"The thing is Ace. I cannot take you to the leader of this place, because it is against OUR rules to let any foreigner pass without paying the correct fees for walking down our streets. Are you willing to pay the fine... or are we going to have to TAKE our fee?"

The man's stern look on his face showed his was not kidding and that some sort of money needed to be paid in order for Ace to pass. Ace... just having arrived here in this place, had no money and spoke his mind to the men.

"Gentlemen, please. I just arrived here in this place, and I only ask that I may pass in peace. I had no idea that there was a toll on this street. I only ask that you let me pass."

The two men that were behind the middle man started to fall over from the laughter that seemed to echo and ring for minutes after they had stopped laughing. The middle man held up his hand and the two men stood up straight and came to attention. The middle man relaxed and turned his back to Ace and walked back to the two men. When he arrived behind them, he turned back towards Ace and pointed at him.

"Boys. Show Ace what we do to people who do not pay our fee"

The two men snickered and started to run full force at Ace. Ace, trying not to start a fight began to run in the opposite direction. He ran with a normal speed and continued to look back to make sure he stayed ahead of the two men chasing. When he saw giant gates and what looked like the entrance to the palace, he looked back once more to see if he was safe. However... the two men had completely disappeared. Ace stopped and felt an ominous feeling wipe across him. As soon as the last tingle left his spine, he felt a crack across his face. One of the men sent Ace flying into a nearby dumpster with a non-human type strength. Ace crashed head first into the dumpster and fell down his back looking up. He blinked a few times as dizziness took over and then closed his eyes for a few moments. As he reopened them, the two men looked different. Their muscles had grown to twice the size as normal and a bright blue aura burned around them. Around Ace's throat one of the men put his hand and picked him up. Hovering in the air and fairly weakened, Ace's body mangled at the hands of the two men. While the one man held Ace up.. the other was slamming his fists into Ace's ribs, legs and shoulders. A few blows into the face and Ace fell unconscious. After blacking out for a few moments, he woke back up in more pain than before. He was laying on the ground, bleeding and slightly abused. The men kicked him around a bit as he flew from alley way to alley way. His body lay limp and the men stood over him laughing. They began to talk to Ace:

"You see boy. This is why you pay the fee, otherwise we have to make your life miserable. And look at you! Helpless. You should have known coming into the slums like this to come prepared. We have had so many challenge us, and yet we still remain defeated. Our kind are too powerful for the likes of you stupid humans."

The men continued to laugh and lost track of what Ace was actually doing. Meanwhile, Ace's cuts, wounds and aches began to fade fast as his adrenaline started to infuse his bloodstream. His eyes widened for a split second and he stood up and brushed himself off. The two men after their boisterous laughing stopped in shock. Ace looked at them, with a good mind to show them how much of a human he was not, but decided it was not a good idea. So he merely spoke to the two men in a positive tone.

"Guys. Please. Just let me be. I mean no harm and I have no money to give you."

The two men instantly appeared beside him and punches were thrown. Ace's eyes shined a bright blue for a split second and he grabbed the men's punches in mid-punch. The men started to shake as they tried to overpower Ace's hold. Ace, feeling out their every move landed to swift jabs to their stomachs and the men fell to the floor, holding onto their stomachs. He picked them up by their hair just enough to see their faces and applied the comment:

"Maybe, you should make sure you are fighting a human, before you actually pick a fight with a non-human"

As quickly as the n in the word human was done, the two men were seen flying through the air and landing hundreds of feet away crashing into buildings. Ace quickly appeared beside them and looked down at the to see if they were breathing. They were breathing, but were out cold. And then... clapping. Ace turned his head to see the middle man was now back in sight. But something was odd. His muscles were thrice as big, and his aura was more of a silver than light blue. Ace concluded that this race that he was fighting, had some sort of transcending ability. It seemed that this middle man had gone to a level beyond what his two henchman had achieved. He wondered how much more strong this middle man was than the other two. So... Ace began to walk towards the man ready... to fight.

The man blurred in and out of Ace's vision as he moved much more quickly than the henchmen did. He continued to follow his movements as he came close for an attack and then back out quickly. The man took flight and began to hover in the air above Ace.


Ace said to himself as he thought, how he were going to get into the air and fight the man. But as soon as his thought was over... the man's foot was buried into Ace's face. Ace flared through the cold night air and smashed into building and through someone's apartment. A giant hole was created through the brick and Ace lay flat on his back, waiting for the pain in his face to melt away. It did momentarily, and he climbed out of the apartment through his body hole and looked around for the man. The man appeared above Ace's head, but Ace caught the man's scent quickly and put his arms up to block. Such a massive amount of force passed through Ace's body shattered the ground below his feet. The cracks went outward from Ace's feet and a small crater formed. The man, now completely stunned the Ace blocked the attack, hovered aimlessly for a moment as Ace grabbed the man by the neck and flipped him down, burying him into the ground and creating an ever larger crater from the man's body blasting into the ground. He saw the man was finished and decided to spare all of their lives. Ace however decided to let the man know that his kind was not to be underestimated. So he slapped the man's face and his eyes opened. Ace blurted out:

"Remember! Today was the day you were defeated by Ace... A Lycan!"

Ace's voiced turned deeper and beastly as he roar into the sky. It echoed for miles as birds and all of the other creatures around scurried away into hiding. He picked the man up and threw him into a dumpster. Ace's eyes caught a glimpse of the palace. He decided that he needed to rest first, so he found shelter in one of the alley ways.
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Ace... The Lycan
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