Rivendell the realm of ice
Rivendell the realm of ice
Rivendell the realm of ice
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Rivendell the realm of ice

Realm of fun and of ice
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 Unoffical Rules

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Unoffical Rules  Empty
PostSubject: Unoffical Rules    Unoffical Rules  Icon_minitimeWed Dec 01, 2010 6:42 pm

(Just to clarify some things. There isn't a rules and guideline section of the forum, so I decided to just post it in the next best thing. But this is a forum of role play. No more, no less. However, it does need some boundaries set, to avoid confusion. They are as followed:)

1: No God Moding.- I'm sure most people know what that means, but I will explain it the simplest I can. Don't act like your invincible!!! There you go. Everyone has faults. Moving on.

2: Post Accordingly.- There isn't a certain genre or era for this forum. (If I am wrong, please correct me.) So you may post wherever and however. Just keep it neat and organized. Do not mix eras.

3: Be Nice.- I can't stress this enough. So many forums fall because of bad relationships. I would suggest not to get involved with anyone online, but I am so...yeah. Be mindful of what you say and do. We are all here for fun. Not to belittle each other. Smile

4: Stay Up to Date.- If you start a role play, make sure you post as soon as possible. If for some reason you're not able to do so, PLEASE notify whomever you are role playing with. Nothing is more annoying than waiting on someone to post back.

5: Have Fun.- Be happy and explore the outmost reaches of role play.

(I'm not sure if I had anything else. Most of us should be old enough to watch how we act when it comes to sexual themes or role plays. Let's all be mature.)
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Unoffical Rules
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