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 Needing a place to rest

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Needing a place to rest Empty
PostSubject: Needing a place to rest   Needing a place to rest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 20, 2011 1:35 pm

After the strange young man left, and Silver walked onto shore, she looked down the path the led towards the city. She could feel something pulling at her, it was slight at first but was helped with the warm sensation on the back of her neck. With her left gloved hand, she reaches up and rubs the area, soothing it slightly. Sighing, she grips the cloak, the rose broach glinting in the sunlight, and begins her trek towards the palace, letting the grip of power call to her more. She hoped she would be there. She had not seen her in so long. She follows the path through a small forest, taking much of the day that was left. She cleared her mind of the deplorable act left on the boat as she suddenly realized that she was hungry and tired. How long would it take to reach the palace? What were the dangers? The forest was beautiful as the dusk drew near, the moonlit rays on the leaves and breaking through the holes inthe tree tops. The closer to the small provincial town, the louder and somewhat clearer the voices were becoming. Coming to the clearing out of the forest she looks upon the town. Men and women going in and out of the buildings, even little children still playing in the streets. Horses walking, freely surprisingly, and grazing on the grass where there was. Several shops as she passes through the small market place. Baubles, and jewels for any type of woman . . or man as it seemed. Only one caught her eye and she thought it would be a perfect . . offering. It was a small crystal, in the form of a rose. Blue along the edges with a black center. She didn't have much on her and the man leered at her. "M'lady, such beauty as what you have, you surely have something for such a fine jewel. How about that lovely pendant that I saw glinting? Or maybe a lock of your silver hair?" She thinks about this, she has never cut her hair before and the pendant was from someone a long time ago. If she were to cut her hair, she would lose some of her power, if not most and the pendant, she would age considerably, causing her to be weak. These decisions were hard, but she didn't have any money either. She looks at the man, "Sir, if I give you either, a dire consequence would become of me. If i cut my hair, I am weakened and if I give the pendant, I will age. Which is of more value to you?" The man thinks a small while. "I would not want you to lose your beauty as that is the most powerful thing you may have. A small lock of your hair and you would still have a man willing to fight and die for you. I have heard stories and maybe this is only a story, but a story throughout the land that the woman who knew the queen was born with silver hair. Hair that was strong enough it was a jeweled adornment." She nods and unsheathes her dagger, smooth and sharp and cut a small handful of hair. She hands the man her hair and he gives her the jeweled flower. Instantly she feels herself becoming weaker. "Dear sir, I am worn and weary, please direct me in the way of lodging of reputable stature?"
He points her down the path, "Take that path down a few more buildings and turn left. Take that path down a few more, maybe half mile and it is the last building on the right." She nods with a faint smile, her lavender eyes twinkling in the moonlight. She turns and goes down the paths that he directed to her. She comes upon the tavern, old with the years. The thatched roof was yellow in age, with a few new repairs. The door was cracked and warped, hanging desperately onto the hinges. The sign for the tavern was missing and the hookes that once held it proudly were hanging onto the rust that was gracious enough to keep it together, even in the days of cold rain. She walks up to the door and pushes the door, her arm hurting from the pressure. The door swings open with ease and she stands in the doorway, the moon illuminating her cloaked figure. Those within continue to talk ,but look up to see who was the new person in town. She softly walks over to the bar and waits for the waitress to come and take her order. She wanted something to warm her and a warm bed. She had wished it was filled with down feathers, but would be happy to be able to sleep on anything at the moment.
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Needing a place to rest
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