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 The Art of Fighting

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PostSubject: The Art of Fighting   Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:54 pm

T1 is a very simple yet complicated style of RP combat, its origins are unknown to me but the style its self has never been changed, I'm here to clear the air about the sub-styles and the true essence of T1.


First things first the rock behind T1 the Intro, everyone has a problem with the intro because its the longest part of the fight, it explains everything from the environment, and your physicalities to weapons and items you possess, to the types of spells you will cast in the future keep this all in mind when reading your opponents intro. Be warned, don't try skimming through an intro or you will probably end up eating dirt quickly. If someone tries to jumble or confuse you, ask them to repost. or request a repost by a judge. The intro requires ( except the sub-style story.) your items you will use, and a hint of the magics/innates you possess. I can not stress this enough do not pull anything out of your ass or it will result in instant disqualification, or a post redo. Within the intro you can set the field be it you're the first to intro, this requires time of day weather year etc.. depending on how experienced you're you can create some pretty unique settings. You can not attack from your intro, I know this is a huge argument, but before you can use an Item/ ability you must first let it be known so that your opponent will have a chance to counter, this rule can be shifted around so long as both parties agree. thats about it for the intro section, there are also other things you can do in an intro but I'm not one to give you that such advice. If everyone knows about it what kinda fun would that be?


Next up, how to choose your range, prep an attack and unleash fury upon your opponent, Well this section is actually surprisingly simpler then the previous one. First of all, make your way towards your opponent then once you're in the range required to unleash your attack prep. Raise your sword, thats a prep, raise your fists thats a prep, charge your magic thats a prep, there are multiple ways of prepping attacks It requires your knowledge and strategy to come up with them. in T1 you're required to post at least 150 words per post. You cannot, I repeat cannot attack and hit an opponent in the same post. but on the other side of that quarter you can prep and finish an attack in the same post, this being two separate attacks of course. If an attack is made without the opponent given a chance to evade it that is what we all call an Auto. (Automatic attack.) Your opponent must accept the attack by either ignoring, not knowingly accepting it, or by just berserking through it. ( if you're a pip squeak, I highly advise you not do the latter, that is unless you have some unique strategy or intense armor.)

The moment your opponent accepts your attack you're free to carry through with it however you wish, keep in mind this does not mean enemy defeat pay close attention to your opponent's posts for it could mean the end of your life if you take it too lightly. ( Funny example: flame sword holder:" You die now!!"-swings his sword @ opponent.- Flame entity:"Um?" - reaches to hugs @ paper armored flame sword holder.- flame sword holder:"HAHA YOU DED" -cuts into the opponent splitting him in half, as his enemy attempts to hug him.- Flame entity:"Cuddle bear" -snuggling into the charging blade he was fueled by its flame wrapping around the male burning him to ash."mmmm, cuddle bear!" flame sword holder:-Twitch.- "@.@ gaah?") Once again the amount of attacks in a single post is solely up to the fighters at hand, so before you run into a battle talk about setting rules. The normal response you should get is something like ( Example: T1 RM DM) Try to expand on those rules, if they're so quick to jump to a DM I doubt they're aware of the actual rules of T1, and it is most likely a punk out don't back down, just take these rules to your heart and stand tall accept any fight that flings your way and I'm sure you will come out on top. I have faith in thee, and remember Logic overcomes all.


When is a fight over and done with? When the opponent is on the ground unable to move, or until the two agree that its over and done, this is normally decided by a judge. ( Never step into a fight without a neutral judge, or against people obviously against you.) Well then that is about all there is to T1

Now, who is ready to test their skills?
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PostSubject: Re: The Art of Fighting   Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:35 pm

The wooden chair gave a screech of pain as the wood worked against itself when the figure shifted his weight. Moving slightly from having his right leg crossed over his left he placed both feet upon the ground. His tongue moving around in his mouth as he could taste the smells he took in. His shoulders hunched as he slowly let his weight push himself up as he moved on the balls of his feet. Stretching his limbs he reached for the sky with a long yawn within his lips. Closing his mouth he balanced his weight on his feet once more coming off the balls of his feet. His hand moving to the hilt of his scabbard he pulled the curved sword out of its prison. Moving his wrist on his left hand twirling the curved blade in the air. Bringing his right hand out to support the bottom of the long hilt the katana pointed straight at his target. The light glistened off the blade as he smiled slightly. His legs spread slightly for a good stance he spoke out to kill the silence. “Lets rock this party then!” He let the words fall out of his mouth in a bit of excited anticipation. He stood just about 6’5 his hands around a long katana both hands placed upon the hilt his right on the bottom of the blades hilt and his left on the top to guide his attacks. The hard leather on his body had working metal joints that allowed him slight protection when it came to battle. His hard leather armor was laced with metal pads. His eyes danced with a brilliant stare of blue as he watched for his opponents move.
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PostSubject: Re: The Art of Fighting   Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:50 pm

"Alright then..." He replied, nonchalantly, now standing up. He cranked his head side to side stretching the muscles within his neck out. His arms would fling out, having two broadswords sliding out of either sleeve. Both hands would catch the hilt of the swords at the same time. The tips would drag alittle against the surface as he took a few slow steps forward. His armor was nothing more than the usual light chain mail, from head to toe. He wore an unusual tabard that was black and had a silver dragon on the front of it. He stopped and eyed the other, wondering if he wanted to him to make the first move. He had nothing to really use. No magic.Not this time. Perhaps at a later time he woul venture out into the arcane arts of power. (Not the best post in the world...)
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PostSubject: Re: The Art of Fighting   

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The Art of Fighting
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